Haunted Exp Labs Records colombia presents: “RESACA: Music for all tomorrow’s hangover

1/ Recordio.
2/Violent onsen Geisha-Dream punk rocker part 1
3/Reencarnación- Alucinógeno
4/Charles Spurling-Popcorn Charlie
5/Reynols-Pero un crito catula
6/Wild Man Fischer- Young at Heart
7/Skin Crime-Untitled(extract)
8/Timothy Wilson-These Are The Things That Make Me Know She’s Gone
9/Ohkami No Jikan[狼の時間]-Babel(extract)
10/A. T. Gaul-Japanese Beetles On A Rose
12/Carlos Roman y su conjunto-Very very well
14/Sonny Terry-Old Lost John
15/Gregory Whitehead Needle Drop
16/Guillermo Buitrago- La carta
17/John Wiese-Untitled CS(92)
18/The afros band-Right on right off
19/Jacqueline Nova-Cantos de la creación de la tierra(extract)
20/Stone Harbour-Workin´for the Queen
21/The Cuf-Magazines
22/Jean Dubuffet-Musique Brute side B (extract)
23/Exmortes-Boiling Blood
24/Marion Brown- exhibit
25/Pork Queen-Vortex shit
26/Frankie Seay & the Soul Riders’s-soul food
27/Vehikel & Gefäss (& Ventilator)-90/03/23 28-nihilist spasm band- an appeal to reason
29-Sun Ra-journey to the stars
30/Unknown artist



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