Thirdorgan and Filipo Laresca-Structures Pataphysiques Intervened


“Con el ruido nació el desorden y su contrario. el mundo. Con la música nació el poder y su contrario : La subversión” Jacques Atalli ( Ruido:” La economía política de la música”)

Colaboración, intervención y situaciones sonoras disonantes entre la leyenda del noise japonés: Akihiro Shimizu(Thirdorgan) y el músico experimental e investigador sonoro colombiano: Luis Felipe Henao Bustamante(Filipo Laresca)

Cinco cortes de envolvente ruido, experimentación patologíca y destrucción sonora.

Thirdorgan is the noise music project of the Japanese musician Akihiro Shimizu . Since 1986, Akihiro Shimizu under his Thirdorgan moniker has been a constant presence in the Osaka underground scene and a major player in the international ‘noise’ arena. Along with Government Alpha, Contagious Orgasm, Dissecting Table and Guilty Connector, Thirdorgan is one of the more prominent acts from the “second wave” of Japanoise acts in the middle to late 1990s. His works have been finely honed over the many years and now stand alongside the refined power electronica surges of artists found on the Mego label, mid-period Merzbow or even early Sahko pulse & crunch overload. Shimizu also runs the record label Alienation Records. He has worked with Masonna and Solmania and is most frequently now found collaborating with original Zeni Geva guitarist NP. Expect incredibly digitized blurts, static washes and glitchy mayhem.(Bleak Bliss Blogspot)

Luis Felipe Henao Bustamante(Armenia, Colombia 1979). Luis Felipe Henao Bustamante A.K.A Filipo Laresca: Master deegree on Design and interactive creation(Caldas university Colombia), graduate specialization program in medial arts ( Córdoba University Argentina). Laresca is a Sound researcher, Aural manipulator. His work consist in the re-collection and re-manipulation of found sounds and field recordings into the deep drones. influenced by early works of: La monte Young, Charlemagne Palestine, Jim O’Rourke, Matthew Bower, Masonna, Incapacitants,faust, Francisco Lopez, Maurizio Bianchi. Laresca studied composition with argentinian minimal composer : Ricardo Dal farra attending several seminars ,there he studied the work of composers like: La monte young, Mauricio Kagel, tony Conrad to name a few.

Availabe in Cdr Limited to 50 copies.




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